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Setting Marketing and Social Goals!

Updated: Jan 10

Whilst Social Media channels continue to grow in popularity for both personal and business use, it is clearer than ever that having some form of social media communication with your clients or customers is an important part of growing a strong digital presence for your business.

But how do you establish a strong presence and more importantly, how do you maintain it?

One of the things that is super important for any business, whether online or not, is to set clear marketing goals. Setting goals not only brings clarity of purpose, it also makes it simpler to identify, measure and evaluate your business achievements and growth.

So what type of goals are we talking about?

There are of course the more obvious ones that most if not all businesses aspire to such as; increasing your customer/client base, increasing sales and ROI, and or establishing yourself as a leader amongst fellow industry members and organisations.

To ensure these overarching goals are met there are some additional (and more practical) goals you can set to get things off the ground!

Based on what we've observed with our clients below are a few simple tips we recommend you include in your marketing plan:

  • be consistent in your social media posting ie.... commit to posting on your social media channels a certain number of times per week and base this number on your available resources/budget, not on what social media experts tell you is best.

  • produce a regular newsletter that speaks to your current clientele keeping them up to date with your business offering.

  • set time aside (regularly) to review your digital assets and prioritise where your marketing budget would be best do you need to invest in a website upgrade or rebrand, more video production, a photoshoot for professional imagery, the use of a social media professional or in-house marketing expert, and or paid google or social media advertising... to name a few areas where your marketing budget may be spent

  • commit to a review and analysis of how your marketing is being received. Are people responding, what are they enjoying about your service most, what are they calling for?

Setting up a marketing strategy with clear and realistic goals along with how you plan to meet these can be very simple.

For further inspiration, read our blog on Marketing Strategy Made Simple

Happy Goal Setting!

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