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Beacon Social Media was founded in February 2017 by Anna McCormack. Anna had been working in the service industry for close to 20 years before making the leap into the digital world of social media, quickly taking to the medium and integrating her prior expertise in the online environment. With a genuine passion for connecting with people,  Anna believes that integrity is the ‘holy grail’ in an online world and that approaching social media with the intent to build and develop positive relationships in our online communities is a recipe for true success in business.

'From my experience, the most successful business's are those that make their focus people first, and dare I say it, everyone we reach through our social networks should be approached  in the same way; customers, potential customers, even competitors. Operating with this level of integrity builds trust, and it is trust that we as consumers are looking for from the business's and services we use'. ~ Anna McCormack

When it comes to social content and posting, Beacons focus is always quality first, giving business's an opportunity to showcase their services at the highest level, along with the values they stand for. Beacon simplifies the online experience for you, making it both enjoyable and enriching for your business.


Beacon Social Media works alongside a team of professionals to bring you the best support in web design, programming, SEO, Photography & Videography, and  IT Management for your business. For more information ask us about this today.


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