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The Facebook Algorithm 2023; do’s, don’ts and all that’s in between!

Well, it’s official. Facebook still holds the trophy for being the most used social media platform worldwide.

Latest research from Statista states the number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide at approximately 3.030 billion. That’s a whopping 37.2% of the global population.

AND…2.06 billion use Facebook daily!

WOW. So why are FB users using? What are people looking to get out of spending their valuable time on FB?

In 2023 Oberlo found that

70.8% of Facebook userssay they use the platform to chat with loved ones with 63.6% sharing their own news media be that on their own profile or in groups/pages.
58.9% of Facebook users say they use Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and events...and
54.8% of Facebook users say they use the platform to look for amusing content!

So where do businesses fit into this equation?

According to the Digital Branding Institute, 50% of social media users follow their favourite brands on social. Not a bad stat for businesses wanting to keep their products and services in the spotlight.

In Australia alone it was found that 38.3% of social media users use social media when looking for information about a brand (1). A

great reason to make sure your social media pages are well represented, up to date and flourishing with great content.

So with that said, you’re probably hanging on the edge of your seat to hear how you can maximise your business page on Facebook with the current algorithm trends in 2023…

So here's what we know (currently) of the Facebook algorithm…

Content from friends and family still wins over content from business pages.
Content from people you engage with (people whose posts you like and comment on, or those you message with) will be top priority in your newsfeed.
Number and length of comments counts. The longer the comments, the more likely the content is to be shared in the newsfeed.
Number and variety of reactions count (speaks for itself).
Newsfeeds will prioritise recent content from those you engage with most and popular content (highly engaging) from those you engage with less often.
The type of content an individual engages with most often is that which will be repeated in their newsfeed. Ie. those who engage more with video will see more video in their feed.

What’s more recent…

Facebook now prioritises posts in groups and events due to these being ‘the two biggest reasons people visit Facebook every day’ (according to Facebook).
When composing a post for your business page in Meta, Facebook has introduced ‘popular, recent and saved’ hashtag listings for ease of posting.

So there you have it... not too much has changed for the world of business and certainly business pages continue to have their work cut out for them to be prioritised in the algorithm. Of course, engaging content that will capture your audience is a must for this to occur. For the team at BEACON, there are a few other essentials that go hand in hand with producing great content.

Beacons top content tips

Keep your content honest
Maximise every sharing…
Be real… as in be genuine.
Have fun 😁… AND
Make it about people…always!

(1) Source Analysis: Genroe

To find out how Beacon Social Media can support you with your reach on socials get in touch with our team here.

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