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A Healthy Social Media Presence

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What exactly does it mean to have a healthy social media presence?

Is it having tonnes of followers?

Or perhaps the number of people who hit the like button on our posts?

Or could it be something entirely different to these things?

There are many who associate numbers or being liked with success. If someone likes something of ours we generally tend to feel like we have done something right....we feel accepted. But what if instead, we related a 'healthy' social media presence to the intention and quality in which we interact on these platforms over and above the number of follows or likes we get?

It's great to have a good reach on social media, but do we actually stop and consider first why we are on there and how we are representing ourselves? Are we in it for a like, for recognition, money or fame.... or are we there with the intent to share ourselves and our businesses in the truest way possible?

If we are posting to get attention, to get likes, to get more followers, then chances are we are by passing our potential 'quality'.

The quality we bring to social media comes from the way we live and run our businesses every day, it's all connected. If the care and integrity is there as a foundation, then this will naturally translate onto our social pages.

Social media is a great medium for businesses to connect and interact with their clients and customers. Focusing on quality offers a whole new level to our marketing practices. And, by way of inspiration, we start to role model what it means to 'market' with integrity, that is without imposition or need, and in consideration of the all.

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