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Upcoming Webinar: TBA
The Art of Simplicity in Marketing


Many marketers and indeed current marketing philosophy and opinion will tell you that in order for your marketing to be a success you need to analyse the competition, analyse the market, measure, measure, measure. 

At Beacon we do things more simply, whilst having a whole lot of fun in the process.

Marketing you see, from its inception, has been all about manipulation to get an outcome - sound like your worst nightmare relationship? - well that wouldn't be an exaggeration, which is why many react to it (marketing) when it is particularly intense, and by intense we mean anything that is pushy or imposing.


So what’s the alternative you say? Well, for a start its important to state the fact that there is an alternative, but it may not be what you think, in fact, some might find it just too simple. 


It starts with the integrity we live, and it ends there too. In fact, thats really all there is to it, besides a little practical know how.


How we live extends into our business and business offerings, and that is what marketing is and can be in truth - an offering, a sharing of one’s skill, trade, service and ultimately their quality. How we share this, ie on social media, through a website, via email etc, is a matter of resources, preference, experience and dare we say impulse. Yes, what we are impulsed to share, when and how. 


So what gets in the way of this very simple way of sharing our business? 


In this 1 hour webinar, we’ll explore how simple and enjoyable it can be to market/share, and some of the things that get in the way of this… like the need for security or fear of not making ends meet + much more. 

Join Anna McCormack from Beacon Marketing & Media (and special guests) as we venture down the path of true marketing. 

Date: TBA

Investment: $35

Social Media Strategy - How to keep it simple and effective

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 11.50.03

"The most supportive marketing advice on the market." ~ Catherine LeMessurier, Mrs Clucks Pasture Raised Eggs 

In this one-hour Webinar recording we introduce how simple marketing a business can be when we honour what truly supports and is genuine for the people we service . 


We also shine a light on why marketing can leave us feeling overwhelmed or unsure of ourselves and how it is set up to always have us looking for more. 

This webinar offers listeners the opportunity to resurrect from the marketing swamp. 

Cost: $25

Please use the button below below to request your copy of the recording. Following your request an invoice will be sent and you will receive your recording on receipt of payment. 

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