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True Marketing - Europe 2018

Schedule of Events for London & Amsterdam

Social Media for Business

Laying the Foundations

Saturday September 15th

10 - 12pm

Spherical Living Centre

Brentford, London 

A cracking 2 hour presentation introducing the concept of 'true marketing' on social media with practical tools and tips to outsmart the social algorithms.

True Marketing Workshop

Sharing You and Your Business on Social

Sunday September 16th

10 - 3pm

Spherical Living Centre

Brentford, London 

Expanding on the Social Media for Business Presentation on the 15th of September, this workshop will go deeper into the workings of marketing your business on social.

True Marketing will give you a thorough understanding of how each of the 3 major platforms work, and how to utilise them in a way that expands your online presence with a focus on building solid relationships for your business. 

Private Consultations are available via skype for interstate and international clients. Email us today.
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