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Integrity based Marketing solutions for small business, corporates & entrepreneurs 

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Welcome to Beacon Marketing & Media

We do marketing differently. You might say we revolutionise the world of marketing in fact. Why? Because every aspect of our work, from campaign management, to design, to financials, is delivered with a deep care for our clients, their customers and our team. 


Does this come with compromise? No. Our quality is of the highest industry standards. Just ask our clients. 

Keep up to date with the latest in 'marketing it simple!'

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"The most supportive marketing advice on the market." ~ Catherine LeMessurier, Mrs Clucks 


In this one-hour Webinar recording we introduce how simple marketing a business can be when we honour what truly supports and is genuine for the people we service . 


We also shine a light on why marketing can leave us feeling overwhelmed or unsure of ourselves and how it is set up to always have us looking for more. 

This webinar offers listeners the opportunity to resurrect from the marketing swamp. 

Cost: $25

Please use the button below to request your copy of the recording. Following your request an invoice will be sent and you will receive your recording on receipt of payment. 

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We were making intermittent use of social media platforms prior to engaging Beacon. In the last 6 months we have made impressive strides across Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through a rich mix of well curated content that beautifully communicates our process, values and the services we offer.

Beacon has a wonderfully collaborative, co-creative working style. They are highly responsive and consistent in their dealings with us and their genuine care and understanding of us as a company means that what is being communicated to our audience is authentic.

Tina Kopa, General Manager,

Ramus Illumination


Beacon offers tailored management packages starting from basic education, training and support to full content creation, community engagement and strategy.

From our experience, the most successful businesses are those that make their focus people first, and dare we say, everyone we reach through our networks should be approached  in the same way; customers, potential customers, even competitors. 


Operating with this level of integrity builds trust, and it is trust that we as consumers are looking for from the business's and services we use'.

Our Services

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Social Media


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Education &


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~ Simple Marketing Solutions ~

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We offer free 15 minute marketing consultations to all size business, from start-ups to corporations. Drop us a line via our contact page or call us direct       0434 252 995

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