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Winner of the Best Emerging Social Media Marketer 2018 from the Social Media Marketing Institute Australia.

Thank you to the Social Media Marketing Institute for an incredible evening for the Social Media industry. Further thanks to all those involved in the organisation, and to those who attended. Special mention to Michael Benhayon from GM Sounds for the amazing music for the awards ceremony. It was very much enjoyed!

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Beacon Social Media is a social media management & consultancy business based in northern NSW.

Beacon supports small and large businesses and corporations to take their digital presence to the next level.

'Maintaining integrity and being people & community minded on social media is a recipe for true success in business….this and some key knowledge of how the online world works is a great foundation for achieving your online business goals.’


Anna McCormack - Founder Beacon Social Media

A client speaks...

We were making intermittent use of social media platforms prior to engaging Beacon Social Media. In the last 6 months we have made impressive strides across Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through a rich mix of well curated content that beautifully communicates our process, values and the services we offer.


Anna has a wonderfully collaborative, co-creative working style. She is highly responsive and consistent in her dealings with us and her genuine care and understanding of us as a company means that what is being communicated to our audience is authentic.

Tina Kopa, General Manager, Ramus Illumination

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