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We Are Never Not Marketing!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

A wise colleague recently said ‘you are never not marketing yourself.'

What? I hear you say! What exactly does this mean? Well lets flesh it out shall we.

Put into daily context what this means is that every move we make, be it at home or at work, on our own or with others, is communicating something. In actual fact, it speaks volumes.

In effect, we are walking advertisements in everything we live and breath.

So, what does this mean when it comes our 'actual' marketing practices?

Well, it means that every social media post we write, every article or proposal, every contract, tender or submission, contains all that we live in each and every moment. Responsibility anyone?

In a world where everything is energy, nothing can be hidden, it is simply a matter of how willing we are to discern and acknowledge just how much we are aware of.

How often do we stop to discern the energy behind the words and images that are marketed to us. Do we simply fall for pretty pictures, lines, colours etc? Do we read something and sense where it comes from, or do we simply take it on face value, read the words only and either accept or reject it as being true or not?

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by images and words and much of it is brushed over as being a normal and acceptable way of 'business' promotion.

It's time to go deeper on the subject of marketing.

If nothing is private and nothing can be hidden wouldn't that mean that the intent (and all that we live) behind our marketing practices can be felt by the receiver? Are we even aware of our intent? Is there greed or desire attached? Perhaps we are pushing for an outcome, or are driven by the need to see a particular result?

Or do we just suppose that the majority are unaware and so why should we even bother considering what is behind our marketing - people won't pick it up right? Surely, we can get away with it!

Regardless of whether another is energetically discerning of our activities and movements, there is a call for us, as marketers and business owners, to move with integrity in all that we do.

As marketers, many, if not all of us, have been imposed upon by a model that places results before integrity. The fact that we use psychology in marketing to control outcomes is the perfect example of this for manipulation in any form = integrity lost.

Some marketers may not have experienced working in an environment different from this, where marketing is a pure joy in sharing a business or individuals skill, talent, service or offering. For those, this article may be a stretch but believe it or not, it is possible to market (share) without an ounce of drive or push or need for anything in return.

Quality and integrity is where it’s at. Live it, share it and you’ll never need to concern about your marketing for it comes naturally, without imposition but instead with a pure joy in the offering.

Anna McCormack

Founder, Beacon Social Media.

For more support on how to keep your marketing simple and true we recommend reading Marketing Strategy Made Simple

Image courtesy of Matt Paul Photography 💫

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