We Are Never Not Marketing!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

A wise colleague recently said ‘you are never not marketing yourself.' - Rebecca Asquith, Emanation Media. ⠀

When you think about this statement it is completely true. Every move we make, be it in the office, at home, with others or on our own is communicating something about us that people are clocking...all of the time. ⠀

We think that we can create an ad or piece of content to market ourselves, but everything has already been communicated in the process leading up to that. ⠀

This is beautiful because it reveals that everything is felt long before it is seen which makes us accountable for each moment in our lives, and not just the ones that we think people see.

We’ve said it from the beginning ~ quality and integrity is where it’s at. Live it, share it and you’ll never need to concern about your marketing for it comes naturally, without imposition but instead with a joy in the offering

Anna McCormack, Founder, Beacon Social Media.

Image courtesy of Matt Paul Photography 💫

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