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Marketing and The Push or Pull Factor

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Most marketing these days is run on what we call the ‘push’ factor. But what do we mean by the term push marketing?

Ultimately push marketing is any form of marketing that is outcome driven rather than people centred. The key word here in this statement is driven. Imagine the infamous bull running through the crowd in the annual ‘running of the bulls’….it has direction absolutely, however it runs a million miles an hour oblivious to any harm it may cause on its path. This is perhaps a bit of an extreme example, but nonetheless stereotypical of push marketing.

Push marketing can be influenced by several factors with often timelines and deadlines ‘pushing’ marketers (pun intended) into this style of marketing.

Push marketing is often based on fear, or the need to stay afloat, or otherwise desire, hence it also can be related to greed and the never ending pursuit for more.

Push marketing is usually result driven. It’s like the Sunday driver focusing solely on his destination and missing all the good bits along the way, as opposed to the driver who chooses to be present at the wheel, enjoying the sunshine (or the rain), observing his surroundings and those he is sharing the road with, and moving to what is needed. Push marketing usually doesn’t have the word consideration at the fore. It tends to place results over people, though it can still dress itself up to read well and look the part. A great example of this can be when a business says ‘the customer comes first’, yet in truth, it is their bank account that comes first and that statement is merely to give the customer what the marketer believes he or she want (or need) to hear to go forward with a sale.

The problem here is that many people don't discern the energy behind things, instead they use their 5 senses first (and only) as their primary way through life. And businesses/entrepreneurs that market with the push method in truth feed on this. This method of marketing relies on peoples lack of choice to 'feel' first, but rather focus solely on the words they are reading, or the imagery they are seeing. What many of us don’t take into account is that behind those words and images is another component and something far greater than what our 5 senses can communicate with us….and that is the energy that is running the company, business or individual that is marketing to us.

In a sense one could say that push marketing was born and continues to exist out of a lack of us (the people) going beyond our 5 senses and instead using our sentient sense (our 6th sense), to determine the truth of what is behind any one company, business or person and the method in which they market.

Imagine that, just for a moment. If we felt first, before we accepted what our eyes see and what our ears hear?

Many are still unaware that a lot of our bigger companies and organisations use the study of psychology to know how to best market to their people. In their quest for what they deem as greater success they use research methods to tell them exactly what people want or need to hear in order to gain an emotional response in their favour. And this has become acceptable in society, at least, as a collective we are not calling it out for the pure manipulation that it is. We once shared

‘A business need only ‘connect’ to their audience to know how to market’

But what does this mean….aha, this brings us to move into the definition of Pull Marketing.

Pull marketing is all about energy. It begins with the basic understanding that 'everything is energy, therefore, everything is because of energy* and that there is a way to be in business and in our marketing that calls for energetic integrity at all times.

Hence 'the pull', or in its more full definition, magnetic pull, comes from the energetic integrity of the marketer and or the business or organisation he/she represents.

Pull marketing has people at its core and it never sways from this. Decency and respect are its foundation but it is so much more.

Pull marketing comes from one being connected to the essence of what they are here to bring and share. It is always seen as an offering and never an imposition.

Pull marketing needs no outcomes, yet still holds nothing back and offers everything.

It looks not to competition, but rather understands space and seeks only to better its fellow men.

Pull Marketing comes from being connected to a bigger picture. It understands that before sight, smell, touch, taste and sound, there was feeling…and it honours this.

Pull marketing doesn’t always run to a plan or timeline, though it is always and ever consistent.

In short, Pull marketing is the future of true marketing. A completely non imposing method of sharing ones skill, talent and passion to others without need or expectation. To be continued...

* Extract from the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon

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