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Even Great People Can Lose Sight of the Truth

Sunrise in Richmond Hill

We could say these words are relevant to anyone, anywhere, in any industry, but today we write in relation to the marketing industry and the people it governs.

Marketing has lost its connection to people....fact, and their are several reasons for this. The biggest perhaps being the pressure to perform. Most marketers are working under a bigger man. Be it the owner of a small business or a group of investors in a large company....the marketers are the middle feeders so to speak.

When there is pressure to perform, when we have someone 'above' asking for outcomes, that pressure is always going to have an impact on the people it is served to. Especially when those targets are based on greed, fear or lack. Sadly, it is not only the marketers who are affected, but in truth, everyone connected to that business or company. This includes the consumers and employees.

Why? Because as much as we try to escape it, everything is energy, and everything has an impact on the whole. This is a simple truth. We can deny it, but we all know it.

Good people can easily succumb to pressure. This doesn't change what is at their core, but it can change their behaviour and the consequences that then follow. In the marketing industry we have a whole lot of good people who are essentially imposing on consumers. But where does the pressure start? Why do we put monetary targets before decency and respect of people.

And why are we not calling out that practices such as 'cold calling' or manipulative 're-targeting methods' are imposing on consumers and simply not ok.

Decency must come first. The decency that is at the core of all of us, but something we have in truth strayed from.

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