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Manipulation is Manipulation: Marketing or Otherwise

As human beings every day we are subjected to manipulation. Be it in a relationship with a partner, a child, a work colleague or friend, we have all been on the receiving end of it. And if we are honest, we have been the server of it as well.

It's that thing where someone says or does something with the intention to affect another to act or move in a direction that they would like. To some this may be an innocent concept. Like, what if its a 'good' outcome we are seeking, wouldn't that type of manipulation be acceptable? That's a great question for us to consider.

When (if at all) is it acceptable to do things with the intention of influencing another? Does it come down to the quality of intention the 'influencer' holds? Or is it still the same thing even if the intention reads true or good?

The marketing industry is built on manipulation. It's all about achieving an outcome and usually that outcome is money or number oriented. Very rarely do we see organisations and businesses coming from a purity of intent in how they go about their marketing activities. Not to say there isn't any, but on a whole, one could say 'we have work to do'.

There is a fundamental shift that needs to occur and it starts with looking bigger picture, whilst at the same time bringing it back to the simplicity of how we ourselves would like to be treated as consumers.

No matter the role, be it Managing Director, CEO or office hand, we have a responsibility to speak up about the current model and how it doesn't truly serve us. Why, because it doesn't put people first. It's that simple.

Put people first, and we pave the way for the change that is needed. A change that would see an end to the usual games and manipulation tactics used to seek personal and or financial gain. A change that would see more connection...which is essentially what we all really want.

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