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Setting Social Goals in 2019

Anna McCormack and Annabella Khalu of Beacon Social Media

Whilst Social Media channels continue to grow in popularity for both personal and business use, it is clearer than ever before that having some form of social media communication with your clients or customers is an important part of growing a strong digital presence for your business.

But how do we establish that strong presence and more importantly, how do we maintain it?

One of the things that is super important for any business, whether they are online or not, is to set clear goals going forward. Without goals it is easy to get lost in the every day happenings and also it makes it more difficult to measure and evaluate your businesses growth.

So what sort of goals are we talking about here?

Well, there are the more obvious ones that most if not all businesses aspire to such as; increasing your customer/client base (otherwise known as increased conversions) or establishing yourself as a leader amongst fellow industry members and organisations. These are two great goals to start with, but getting there with the practical bits takes a bit more in the planning.

To help you out in this blog we are going to share some of Beacon's business goals for 2019 and a little on how we plan to achieve them.

Goal No. 1. - Upping our Own Game

As we have shared before, 'magnetic is the business that shares itself with integrity' - well the same can be said for the business that runs on it. We understand that when a clients hands us their business to manage, or comes to us for direction and guidance, the quality in which we work and what we offer is everything. This requires us to stay up to date with what is happening in our own industry, but also to discern what is true and needed for the client, as there is a lot of not so genuine marketing techniques out there. Our aim is to represent our clients in a way that doesn't impose on their audience, but is enjoyable, relatable and has them wanting to keep coming back for more. This without drive, push or expectation...a piece of cake when you're keeping it real.

Goal No. 2 - Building More Consistency

One of the most irresistible qualities a person or business can have is consistency. Think about it...all those steady people in our lives that inspire us and we feel held by. What is it that allows them to do this? Answer, it's their consistency.

Consistency in how a business operates is extremely important in order to build the loyalty and trust that leads to genuine growth and expansion. This refers not only to a consistency in values and how the business operates internally, but also in how it is represented through its online digital and social media channels. The voice online must reflect the true voice that is within. That is why social media can be so rewarding and at the same time so much fun for business. Why? Because you get to share the essence of who you are, what you and your business stand for, your passion, your love for your work and so on. There is nothing more inviting then using a service where you can feel the fire in its belly burning. You know it loves serving you, and you love being served by it.

So those are Beacon's business goals for 2019. From here the practical aspects of what is needed to achieve these goals constantly present themselves to which a solid commitment to the tasks is absolute. A little calendar planning is required to keep the wheels turning and expansion a given. Suffice to say, the process is the fun part, especially when the goals here are not about self gain, but rather about all.

We trust this has inspired you in some way to ponder on your own business and social goals for the year ahead and wish you much joy and growth in 2019.

With warm regards,

Anna McCormack

Principal at Beacon Social Media

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