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Bringing Quality Back To Business

Over the past few decades we have seen the boom of big business and with constantly evolving technology, this has also translated over into the digital realm. But at what cost has this so called advancement come with to our communities and society at large?

The focus and drive to keep up with where big business is at is intense for young entrepreneurs, employees and business owners. Lets face it, the business industry (well most of it) is cut throat. You either have what it takes, or you don't. And to be honest, to keep up with big business involves a lot of compromise.

So what is it that we compromise of ourselves in business. Our integrity? Our values?....these for one can definitely make up part of the compromise. But perhaps we can simplify this even more by posing the question.

Is it possible we are compromising our bodies own basic needs and the quality in which we live and care for ourselves in order to keep up with the demands of our self made (yes, we made them) business industries. The corporate world is a perfect example of this, with deadlines running into the wee hours of the night. Deadlines that take us away from a natural and supportive rhythm of work, sleep and rest. However, it is not only seen in this more obvious example of corporate life, but this push can also play out in small business as well, where the pressure to succeed or to better, or even simply to stay afloat can see us pushing beyond our bodies natural needs for rest, a healthy diet, family time, exercise....all those simple things that supports a quality of being that is not just functional, but rather truly vital and enjoying life.

With increasing levels of global illness and disease, and in this, we include those persistent aches and pains that many of us put up with on a daily basis, could this not be connected to the disregard we put our bodies in to keep up with the demands of working life? And, is it possible that when we compromise our bodies, our values, our integrity in this way, we are doing more damage then we realise?

The opposite of living in this compromise would be to not allow the demands to run us, but rather to listen more to our own bodies and the natural rhythm that exists within them, in order to bring more quality and depth to ourselves and those around us.

Living in a way that adheres to the bodies natural rhythms of work, rest & sleep can without a doubt bring more joy & vitality back into our lives. That joy and vitality can be lived through our business and working life as much as it can at home and in our personal relationships.

This is the quality that is missing in business today. Where the body and the person comes first. As this is honoured, we build a certain steadiness within ourselves that we can take with us into our working day. Quality first, allowing the demands to be there, but not being slave to them.

Choosing to live in this way as a basis for all that we do, will filter out into every aspect of our lives, including how we express ourselves and or market our businesses online. It is all one.

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