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The Human Side of Marketing - A Click Digital Expo Experience.

I recently had the pleasure of presenting to a room full of NGO's (Not For Profits) on the topic of building genuine relationships on Social Media. The general theme of the presentation was that at the end of the day the thing that we all respond to the most (and the thing we all want) is genuineness and integrity from our businesses.

There is not enough said these days about good old fashioned values and service when it comes to business and particularly business marketing. For some time now the marketing industry has been very much numbers focused which has seen the human aspect of business; the relationships between business owners, employees, customers and clients, put on the back seat.

Ironically, within the room it was unanimous that the things we look for the most in our businesses are honesty, integrity, warmth, care and genuineness. So how is it that one of the worlds biggest industries (marketing) has gotten away with ignoring this most important factor - our humanness?

The room discussed what it is we all know to support the development of genuine (long lasting) relationships - whether this be in business or in our personal lives.

We talked about values such as consistency, trust, reliability and understanding and how these values might be translated or expressed as the foundation of our marketing and social media activities.

It was an inspiring conversation and one that Beacon Social Media will continue to have for years to come.

Special thanks to Russell Mason from Suncare Community Services for his heartening sharing of Suncares ongoing digital transformation, and to Lucas Meadowcroft, Alexander Cumberland, Ben Amos and Anthony Barnes for their passionate and informative presentations on the day.

To hear more about this you can listen to a short interview between Anthony Frangi from Pop Up Radio Australia and Beacon Social Media.

From Left to Right Presenters at the NGO Click N Go Masterclass: Ben Amos, Alexander Cumberland, Anna McCormack, Russell Mason & Anthony Barnes. Missing in action is Lucas Meadowcroft (late arrival due to #manflu).

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