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Care in the Marketing Industry

Anna McCormack - Founder Beacon Social Media

As a marketeer in the Social Media Industry one of the things I see whilst working across the social platforms is the intense drive businesses are in to sell their products and services. A lot of the posts we are seeing from businesses, in particular big business, lack true care and by this, I do not mean the care that goes into the design looking good, or the copy reading well, but rather the underlying care that would see business focusing on people first.

Instead what is felt is the push to sell a product and as a result there is a lack of true connection being made between businesses and their clients and customers online. This is not to say that all businesses operate in this way, but if we scroll through our social feeds we can see that this is definitely the trend.

Whether we are online or off, it is not difficult to make our interactions more genuine with the people that make our businesses tick. In fact, business can be all about connection and relationships, as in truth, business is founded on people.

So why are we seeing the opposite occurring? Why are we still making it about the sale, the profit, the push....without the care and connection that we are all truly capable of?

The marketing industry plays a big role in answering this question, with its focus primarily on reaching financial targets, we have seen as a result the people aspect of business get lost. But is it possible to have a successful business both financially and in the relationships that make it? The answer to this is ABSOLUTELY!

If we were to walk into a store we would want to be met by the store owner or assistant in front of us. So why should this be any different on a screen? We need to start seeing that there is no distinction between how we represent our businesses when face to face with clients, or when we are interacting online.

Businesses cannot hide a lack of connection or care behind a screen, and nor can they hide a push for sales. Underlying intentions are felt by us all, it is merely a matter of whether we choose to be aware of these or not.

There is a way to market our businesses with first the intention to connect. To build and develop genuine relationships with our customers and clients. To make it about people first, and with sound practical business processes in place, trust that the rest will take care of the itself.

A real advancement for the marketing industry is not to see improved technology or higher sales for businesses, but rather to see more care taken in how businesses and people interact with one another. This would be true advancement within our communities.

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