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Simplifying Social Media for Business

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Social Media can be made simple for business when we keep to the basics. People, relationships, sharing our product or service and connecting with our customers and clients. It's really as easy as that.

Developing our style and look and understanding how to post effectively on each of the different platforms is an ongoing practice. It's really no different to learning how to ride a bike. The more we get in and have a go, the easier it becomes, we refine our style, our timing etc and occasionally we hit a bump and need some support or guidance.

If you are looking for more engagement with your social media pages, one of the things you can do is review your analytics data and see what style of posts your readers are responding to. This includes looking at the time of day that you are posting, the content style, and the types of interactions you are having with your followers. For example, are they sharing your post? Tagging their friends in a comment, or simply liking it?

Followers tagging and sharing your content is one of the most effective ways you can organically grow your reach on social media , and the best way to achieve this is simple. Be consistent in your posting, make sure you have a clean look that is appealing and something your readers will know you by, keep it real, and above all connect with your audience. Not only does this set you up for growth with your business online, but it also brings much enjoyment along the way.

Here is 1 minute video that shows how and why social media for business is simple.


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