Annabella Khalu

Social Media Manager & Content Designer

Annabella brings a joy and enthusiasm to her work that lights up the social world. She has the ability to connect to her client's vision and deliver what it is needed in a very simple and inspiring way. 


You’ll be inspired by Annabella’s own appreciation and love for social media and its role in being a vehicle to connect the world in this modern age. She brings a down-to-earth, practical and simple approach to social media, and you’ll enjoy uncovering all the amazing content that is there waiting to be discovered as you share your business with the world.

Elijah Cavanough - Director at Filmsco

Creating social media content doesn’t have to be a difficult or long process. You’ll be inspired by just how much content any business is bursting with, it’s just waiting to be discovered.


Annabella’s instinct for how to bring alive a business on social media makes her very exciting to work with. You’ll enjoy her ability to connect with your business and develop simple & inspiring marketing content without the need to bring in dramatic changes.


Annabella works under the principle that business must first be about people, regardless if you’re a solo operation or have a staff of 100, and she approaches the marketing of a business from the same foundation. Her love for and commitment to people makes this a natural process.


“More and more, social media is becoming void of any intention to truly connect to and celebrate people. Increasingly we are seeing the “get followers quick” approach, but often this doesn’t establish any true connection with people or with a business, it’s purely about results as a figure and not about establishing a quality of presence. I work in the opposite to this momentum.”


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